PS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Circadian Rhythm, Pineal Gland, Autopilot

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18 Dec 2016

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Lecture 15
Classical conditioning-Usually results in a fear or phobia
Operant- Goal--> outcome (shaped in small baby steps, for example a very large gesture)
State of Consciousness
What is consciousness?
Seems like an easy question to answer
The question has been around for a long time (wundt started consciousness and conscious
o Attending and awareness of your consciousness (actually aware)
o Moment to moment awareness of ourselves and environment
What are the properties of Consciousness? -changes within individual and between individuals
Subjective and private (consciousness is unique to you and no one knows what you are thinking,
parents usually know what you are thinking up to 4 years old)
o others cannot directly know our reality (and vice versa)
o Ever Changing
o When you are tired, your experience of coffee will be different than when you are perky
o Zero experience is exactly the same
Self Reflective
o Mind is aware of its own consciousness
History of the question: What is consciousness?
Seemed ideally suited psychology (philosophy drove a lot of the understanding of consciousness)
Difficult topic (No one could agree what an experience is, trying to explain behaviours)
People got fed up with structuralism (Wundt/Titchener) so they switched over to
functionalism (James)
No agreement
Infer much from absence of consciousness
Perform many mental functions without being aware of it
o Blindsight (visual neglect vs grahams neglect)
o Don’t need to e aware to learn
Does the absence of conscious thought= the unconscious?
Term "unconscious"- not the same thing as medical (holding experiences below the ability to
retrieve it into the conscious)
o Freud (look at picture of iceberg in the textbook, 2/3 of unconscious is underwater below
ability to know what's driving you)
o That’s why we need psyhologist Nononsious
Preconscious can be brought to mind- can be called into conscious (automatic pilot- can be pulled
Measuring Consciousness
How do we operationally define inner states?
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find more resources at
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