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Lecture 11

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Eileen Wood

October 25 , 2012 Psychology Lecture #11 CONSCIOUSNESS Sleep and the environment - Everyone knows the environment affects sleep Effects of environment factors - Changes in season - Shiftwork, stress - Noise - Increase arousal and heart rate - Decrease time in deep slow-wave sleep - Increase time in less restful sleep Sleep and age - Sleep less - REM sleep decreases during infancy, childhood - Time in stages 3, 4 (slow-wave sleep) declines Short and long sleepers - Many individual differences in sleep time - Genes – more similar patterns among identical twins, (lark-fast increase in body temperature owl-slow increase in body temperature), long and short sleepers (average required 6.5 hours, 6- 10) - Environmental factors – time of day, lifestyle Sleep deprivation - Types of sleep deprivation - Short-term (up to 45 hours without sleep) - Long-term (more than 45 hours) - Partial (no more than 5 hours/night for 1 or more consecutive nights) Negative impact on functioning - Mood suffered most (irritable) - Followed by decrements in cognitive and physical performance Underestimated negative effects - Takes several nights to recover - DO NOT make up all sleep time lost - REM rebound to make up Dreams - Small number in NREM - Almost all dreams are in REM – vivid, emotional, story like, can be bizarre What do we dream about? - Fears, wishes, plans hopes and worries – the things we focus on while awake - Common themes (Canadian student survey) – chased, sex, falling, teachers/studying, arriving too late, trying to do something repeatedly, someone dies, falling Dreams - No agreed-upon theory - Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory – wish fulfillment, gratification of unconscious desires/needs (sexual and aggressive urge
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