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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews November 3, 2011 Psychology Lecture 14  Mental illness- never a big part of health concerns  2.6% of Canadians are disturbed psychologically enough to require some form of intervention.  Statistical approach (distribution approach). Can handle it but it is not adequate. Equality of extremes is number one. It can only theoretically describe one trait at a time. Syndrome is a collection of symptoms.  Subjective discomfort (Abnormal) - if someone comes to me and says I am anxious and depressed, this is what you would say they are. Reaction to the problem- some just let it wash all over you, other will work out or see a movie. We all respond to these difficulties very differently. Secondly this also ignores the social consequences of a disorder. Often has a transitory state, short lived thing. Question is always the accuracy with which one describes his or her feelings.  Abnormality is also seen as social non-conformity by some. Criminals are social non-conformity, however many people behind bars are not mentally disturbed. However a significant amount of people behind bars do have a diagnosable mental illness. Cultural relativity, what is abnormal in one culture may be very normal in another culture. Maybe social standards are undesirable, E.g. social conformity to fascism. Cultural innovators- people who make the new norms. Conformal Neurotic- people who conform to every aspect of social norms and doesn’t step out of their comfort zones.  Legal Criteria- should we apply legal criteria to the question of morality? What is legal is often very dry and cut. Three areas where legal criteria are applied: competency hearings, criminal responsibility (does the criminal appreciate the wrongfulness of his or her actions), commitment to psychiatric institution.  Professional definition to abnormality- exposure to a criminal psychologist or psychiatrist. Assumes an organic cause, something that can be diagnosed, and also can be fixed. Not all things have an organic cause.  Medicalization of deviance (deviance from the norm) –always an appropriate drug for the abnormal behaviour. Prozac and Prolof becoming the heal all drug.  Good place to start is in the tissue to
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