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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews October 25, 2011 Psychology # 12  Carl Rogers- humanistic existential (human nature is essentially good) what is important is the contest in which this good manifests.  He believed we want to be better, and each of us is like an acorn in fertile soil that will grow.  Genuine- being open with one’s feelings  Acceptance- once you accept someone for whom they are, they then can achieve positive growth (unconditional positive regard). We cannot grow when we are loved with conditions attached to it. Most important to him.  Empathy-Being able to feel what others feel.  Rogers believe if these three characterize a climate, they are fundamentally important. Wherever these things occur, than there will be growth. Fundamental feature for personality is a “self-concept”  Q sort- two boxes of the mind (what your ideal self is and what you think you actually are). The more overlap the better (congruity), when there is little overlap, incongruity.  When people are incongruent, they often have more conflict.  Much stronger immune competence with greater emotional congruency (T-cells).  Rogers strongly believe
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