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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews October 20, 2011 Psychology Lecture #11  Gordon Allport- argued that personality is characteristically a number of different traits. Defined people by a combination of different traits as opposed to specific personalities.  He had a very rational approach (useful but is a weaker approach)  Isaac- was imperial approach.  Gordon found three types of traits- the cardinal trait (so rare that you probably will rarely see personalities governed by a single trait- reflected by one specific trait), Central trait, secondary traits (descriptive and short lived- “my roommate is grouchy in the morning”)  The mature personality has a sense of perspective. Empathic- deep sense of empathy. Rich sense of humor.  Susan Kolbasa- Her theme is a personality characteristic of “hardiness”, positively correlated with a strong immune system. Consists of 3 different dimensions: commitment (believe in the truth and value of who they are and what they are doing. They are fully engaged in what they are doing), control (powerlessness, feel they can control the trajectory of their own destiny-they confront the world), and challenge (vs. threat- they see life as a series of challenges-put demands on them for incentives of harder work). Opposite of commitment is what she refers to as alienation.  (LCU)- Life change units. Stress may have an effect on our health- especially based on the amount of change units in our life at one time.  Skinner would say- all I have is behaviour, which equals personality.  Personality is a series of traits that have been reinforced.  There is nothing that special about personality. Behaviours/ personalities are simply happening because of what
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