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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews October 18, 2011 Psychology #10  Repression is simply pressing out of consciousness the things we are uncomfortable with, which was a central part of Freud’s theory.  Reaction formation- is the development of a conscious attitude which is the opposite of your unconscious attitude.  Displacement- means that you dump your hostile feelings to someone who is very weak (scapegoats).  Regression- is an ego-defence mechanism that protects your ego, where you return to an earlier period of adjustment. Going back to a time that was more comfortable behaviourally. E.g. Homesickness.  Sublimation- has to do with channelling sexual activity into socially acceptable ways your libidos energy. Have sex!  Than Atos and Eros: Death wish, life. Than Atos grows when one gets older, be one with the universe.  Necropolis People, one being in love with the idea with death (all that is mechanical) love to control life.  Beefalos- love of life. Construct rather than control. Don’t need certainly or orderly.  Denial- as long as you admire the diary of Anne Frank- you are looking past the brutalities of the concentration camps.  Assume that the entire Jewish community were overcome with than Atos.  Freud’s psychosexual- in this development, is the libido that travels through the body. From the first stage as a young child (0-1), th
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