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Lecture 5

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews September 27, 2011 Psychology #5  Our two front lobes of our brains are not silent.  Somatosensory area- vital importance.  Motor cortex  Different lobes of the brain: frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal.  How you interpret what you see happens in the visual cortex (at the back of your head). Any major damage to the occipital lopes could result in blindness.  Auditory cortex helps us interpret what we hear.  The cranium is probably one of the strongest bones in the brain. There are no pain receivers or nerves so the brain cannot judge when it is hurt or not.  If you get brain damage in any of the major cortex’s, it may lead to major behavioural changes.  The association cortex: contains a host of white fibers that connects all other parts of the brain. (Many suggest that these most appear in the frontal lobe.)  The brain desperately tries to function as a whole.  The brain may sometimes neglect to see if the body is no longer a whole.  Wilder Penn field suggested that there was also an experiential cortex (world famous neuron surgeon). When he stimulated the temporal cortex of the brain on the surface, had her recalling feelings.  At the base of the brain there is a buddle of tissue called the reticular activating system. Without the activating system the cortex will act is some less diffuse bay. It bombards the entire cortex will electric impulses. It can be conditioned and learn. The reticular also acts as a filter, or else your brain would be over whelmed. Keeps the brain
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