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Lecture 2

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews September 15, 2011 Psychology Lecture #2 th  Exam September 29  Animism- Every physical object also contains a spirit in addition to the physical state of the being.  These spirits may be negative or positive or good and evil. (exorcism)  Animism predates Plato and Aristotle, and we have to give credit to that.  Plato used rationalism, knowing the world through reasoning  Aristotle began the idea of empiricism, which means know our world through observation and experimentation.  The influence of these early roots still exists today.  Wundt spent a long time in the hospital so he had a long time to examine his mind, ultimately leading to the creation of the first school of psychology and initial structuralism.  Describe your experience through an introspective way, by looking into something or yourself.  Functionalism- Looking at the function of the mind. What is the mind for? With Darwin’s new discoveries, they thought the minds main job was to adjusting and adapt to a variety of environments.  William James: Claimed as one of the early psychologists who helped developed the school of functionalism. This led to IQ testing to see if particular minds are more adaptable.  James talked about a stream of consciousness, which gets separated to an almost alternated personality.  We are aware of what we are doing constantly are believed. These are simply formal schools of psychology.  In the 1900’s, a man named John Watson argued that functionalism is a joke, but rather we have an over behaviour. It is a waste of time trying to look into the mind. Lead to more knowledge of solving behavioural issues such as depression.  Skinner also said this was a joke, and that you are the product of your environment. Figured that he could answer questions about people by their actions and reactions and even have the ability to create anyth
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