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Michael Matthews September 13, 2011 Psychology #1  1879 was the first time where the discipline of psychology began.  Learn from psychology compared to learning about the course.  Based off the scientific method, it is objective.  The pursuit of knowledge, but the question is how that knowledge is applied.  The critical question is how we apply the knowledge that we chase.  [email protected] Science building (2003)  Developing a science of experience and behaviour.  4 reasons why the study of human behaviour is so difficult. 1 We are very complex creatures by nature. 2 Are psychologist ethical for what they do to study the discipline? 3 Psychophobia – many people are reluctant to study ourselves and what we might discover. 4 Certain trends in society that make our studies more difficult. Science is in the process of understanding words at the beginning of human consciousness. Because of accelerating technological development, the pace of change is astounding and ever changing.  No human brain is fully developed.  It is not logically possible for anything so complicated such as the brain to fully understand itself.  Consequentialist- would say that it doesn’t matter how you experiment
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