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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews October 13, 2011 Lecture 9  Personality: How do you define beauty?  Freud thought that any kind of faith was an illusion (pessimistic)  Characters of a healthy person:  Functional competence- being able to do some things very well. Being able to complete tasks and goals.  Creativity- approaches the world in a very fresh way.  Inner Harmony- Huge amount of self-acceptance, because you are then able to have growth. Self-rejection leads to very poor circumstances. Accept your personal vulnerability. This also means a need for solitude and privacy.  Relatedness- related to many other. You still need some level of solitude, which eventually leads to compassion.  Violations are not always in a physical form.  5. Transcendence- believing there is something out there much more powerful than ourselves. Feeling or relating to something more powerful than the self.  Distinctive and consistent personality characteristics.  Personality looks at: feelings, actions, thoughts  Interpersonal would be differences between each other, and intrapersonal things are from within.  Humeral concept: this meant body fluids. Of the four essential body fluids, if someone has an abundance of any of these fluids, it would make their personality (Hypocrisy)  Black bile means a morose person. Yellow means they are excitable but can be nasty. Flem means they are non-excitable. People with an abundance of blood, were happy go lucky.  Physiognomy- trying to identify someone’s personality by their physical appearance. The head was squared off with different types of personality characteristics.  Some think that blood type can also help determine personality.  40% of the total populations are type A. Hard working, but conscious of their physical appearance?  30% are type B. Very creative and obsessively individualistic  30% are type O. Aggressive but very realistic  10% are type AB. They are two faced and moody.  110% total = genius.  Sigmund Freud (1856): psychoanalysis is a very weak approach when trying to treat people.  He had a de
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