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Chapter 15 Notes Notes on chapter 15 in point form

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Psychology Study Notes Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological Disorders By Yen HoangThe Elements of the Treatment ProcessFreud is widely credited with launching modern psychotherapy Treatments How Many Types Are There o Insight TherapiesInsight therapy is talk therapy in the tradition of Freuds psychoanalysisClients engage in complex verbal interactions with their therapists The goal of these discussions is to pursue increased insight regarding the nature of the clients difficulties and to sort through possible solutionsIt can be conducted with an individual or with a groupBroadly speaking family therapy and marital therapy fall in this category o Behavior TherapiesThey are based on the principles of learning Instead of emphasizing personal insights behavior therapists make direct efforts to alter problematic responses and maladaptive habitsBehavior therapists work on changing clients over behavioursThey use different procedures for different kinds of problems o Most of their procedures involve classical conditioning operant conditioning or observational learning o Biomedical TherapiesBiomedical approaches to therapy involve interventions into a persons biological functioningThe most widely used procedures are drug therapy and electroconvulsive shock therapyThese treatments have traditionally been provided only be physicians with a medical degree usually psychiatrists Clients Who Seeks Therapyo The two most common presenting problems are excessive anxiety and depression o People often delay for many years before finally seeking treatment for their psychological problems o A client in treatment does not necessarily have an identifiable psychological disorderSome people seek professional help for everyday problems or vague feelings of discontentTherapists Who Provides Professional Treatmento Psychotherapy refers to professional treatment by someone with special training o PsychologistsTwo types of psychologists may provide therapyClinical psychologists training emphasizes the treatment of fullfledged disordersCounseling psychologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and everyday behavior problems In practice theres quite a bit of overlap between clinical and counseling psychologists in training skills and the clientele that they serveBoth types of psychologists must earn a doctoral degree PhD PsyD or EdD o A doctorate in psychology requires about 5 to 7 years of training beyond a bachelors degreeIn providing therapy psychologists use either insight or behavioural approaches They do psychological testing as well as psychotherapy and many also conduct research o PsychiatristsPsychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disordersMany also treat everyday behavioural problemsThey devote more time to relatively severe disorders schizophrenia mood disorders and less time to everyday marital family job and school problems They have a MD degree o Graduate training requires 4 years of course work in medical school and a 4 year apprenticeship in a residency at a hospital Psychotherapy training occurs during their residency since the required course work in medical school is essentially the same for everyoneThey increasingly emphasize drug therapies which the other nonmedical helping professions cannot provideThey are more likely to use psychoanalysis and less likely to use group therapies or behavior therapiesContemporary psychiatrists primarily depend on medication as their principal mode of treatment o Other Mental Health ProfessionalsClinical social workers and psychiatric nurses often work as part of a treatment team with a psychologist or psychiatrist Psychiatric nurses who may have a bachelors or masters degree in their field play a large role in hospital inpatient treatmentClinical social workers generally have a masters degree and typically work with patients and their families to ease the patients integration back into the communityMany kinds of counselors also provide therapeutic servicesThey are usually found working on schools colleges and assorted human service agenciesThey typically have a masters degreeThey often specialize in particular types of problems such as vocational counseling marital counseling rehabilitation counseling and drug counseling
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