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Chapter 12 Lecture: Personality Theory Morgenson's lecture from chapter 12. Talks about the theorist: Freud, Jung, Eysenck, Allport, and Kobasa. Straight forward points. I record my lectures, so I go back to fill missing information in :)

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Don Morgenson

PS101 Week 7 Lecture (Ch.12) Tuesday, October 26 , 2010 Freud  in an individual there is a balance between death and life  Phamatos (death) / Enos (life)  Ncrofalious (in love with death) / Biophulous (love life)  Freud concentrated on these two extremes  Ncrofalious o stops growth, prefer things that don’t grow, like things that are mechanical o loves certainty and control  Biophulous o see life as functional o want to mold and influence by love, reason, example Psychosexual Development (Freud’s model) 1) Oral  birth to one year, gratification comes through oral tasks 2) Anal  1 to 3 years old  conflict: toilet training (too severe training - people become anal characters) 3) Phallic Phase  genitals  young boys love their mother, young girls love their father (boy motherfather vs. girlmotherfathermother) 4) Genital Phase  fully developed Problem: Too much or too little can cause fixation at any of these levels Criticisms of Freud's Model 1) Hypothesis are not testable 2) Violates the law of Parsimony (things should be explained briefly) 3) Theory can be disconfirmed 4) Case was very limited 5) Developmental Theory 6) based on Memories (mis-remember actual experiences) 7) it says nothing about Healthy Lifestyle/Personality Carl Jung  his studies are mostly about opposite poles  “took a trip in unconsciousness” and heard his aminia speak  archetypes (in collective unconscious)  Said we had: Concious life  personal unconscious  collective unconscious  P
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