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Don Morgenson

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Into to Psychology Week 1 Day 1 The Scientific Method  Separates Psychology from other disciplines  Has both good(antibiotic)/bad(bomb) results  Application of knowledge is what matters o Cure cancer or kill people  Psychology was created in December 1879 o Some questions were pondered before this date, still have the same questions today Problems facing us 1. Complexity of Human Behaviour a. Mysterious beginnings b. Brain still develops until we die c. Mind has to understand the brain d. Unfinished nature of the subject matter 2. Ethical question? (should we study this how we do?) a. Should we use deception? b. Lots of unethical studies c. Informed consent is important d. Consequentalists (murder of Hitler) i. If we break one individual for the greater good of others e. Deontologist (Goldberger 1941 – learnt pellagra is a dietary vitamin deficiency disease (digested the disease to show that a proper diet is unaffected)) i. No one can be violated for any goal no matter how noble ii. Individual is sacred f. Today’s concerns i. Harm (physical or mental)/discomfort ii. Privacy of da
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