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Don Morgenson

Intro to Psychology Week 1 Day 2 3 factors to determine children’s verbal threat to kill parents and follow through 1. Pyromania 2. Chronic bedwetting 3. Cruelty to animals  Correlation between all Questions  Bystander apathy (nothing to do with apathy) o People watch someone die and do nothing  Worried about other things  How does psychological stress cause tissue damage o Stress hormones and immune system  Nature vs nurture o Intelligence o Personality traits are inheritable by 50%  Some are more/some are less  Viewing violent television vs viewing violent acts Biopsychological/social model 1. Start at tissue 2. How you think about yourself 3. How you relate to others a. Everything connects/influence each other  Look at the person not the disease o More common to study the disease, this model looks at the person How we got where we are today  Lots of people have the same questions over years o “long past and short history”  Animism o Every material object has a different spirit/soul  Damon = good, demon = bad o Children are very animism o Feel that the world
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