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Kris Gerhardt

1IntroPsych Ch 11 Emotion Stress Health2EmotionEmotionIs an evaluative response subjectiveInterpreted by observersPrimary Emotions universalgenetic7 PRIMARY EMOTIONSFear Anger Sadness Happiness Surprise Disgust ContemptSecondary Emotions more cultural less geneticArent necessarily present at birth variation between culturesEx guilt3Theories of Emotion3 componentsPhysiological arousalHeart rate respiration rate sweating etcSubjective feeling Cognitive the way you are thinkingOvert behaviourThe way you behave outwardly observable4JamesLange Theory of EmotionExperience of emotion is awareness of physiological responses to emotionarousing stimuliPerception of stimulusphysiological response autonomic arousalemotionEx sight of oncoming carpounding heartfear5CannonBardTheory of EmotionEmotionarousing stimuli simultaneously triggerphysiological responsessubjective experience of emotionArousal and emotion at the same timeEx sight of oncoming carpounding heart and fear simultaneiously6Schachters 2 Factor TheoryTo experience emotion one mustbe physically arousedcognitively label the arousalStimulusarousalCOGNITIVE LABEL Im afraidemotionEx sight of carheart poundingIm afraidfear7Facial ExpressionsFeedback loopfacial feedback smiling makes you feel happier frowning does the oppositeIs a smile just a smileAcross cultures happiness and smiles are some of the easiest to determineSmiles for greetings just mouth and smiles for enjoyment mouth and eyesInfants and adults show a similar pattern of resultsCan detect real vs created smiles 8The Amygdala located in the limbic system Active in emotion particularly fear and angerThe amygdala shortcut neural pathway that bypasses areas of thinking Eyethalamusamygdala 1
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