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Biological Bases of Behaviour - Psych 101 Lecture - October 7th, 2011.docx

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Iuliana Baciu

th Biological Bases of Behaviour – Psych 101 Lecture – October 7 , 2011  Corpus callosum transfers messages b/w sides of brain (located in b/w 2 hemispheres) Cerebral Laterality:  Psych Inquiry: Split Brain Experiment Simulation  Psych Inquiry: Examining evidence for Hemispheric Specialization  2 separate hemispheres - specialized abilities of them, but to what extent?  Sensory information is routed to and from the opposite side of the brain  left hemisphere controls and communicates with the right side of the body  exception: vision and hearing – both eyes deliver info to both hemispheres, the separation of the input is at the level of the left and right sides of the eyes: right side of visual field is sending info to the left side of the eye, which transmits it to the left hemisphere, but left half of the visual field sends info from both eyes to the right hemisphere – Hearing - each ear sending info to both hemispheres, but connections to the opposite hemisphere are faster and stronger  This asymmetric organization is not felt, as the two hemispheres are connected Left Hemisphere:  Language processing  Broca’s area – frontal lobe (1861, lesion on left side of frontal lobe – speech deficit – production of speech area)  Wernicke’s area – temporal lobe (lesion on temporal lobe of left hemisphere – language comprehension deficit) - Left hemisphere – “dominant hemisphere” - Language processing and cognitive development – LH = “center” of higher mental processes  Until 1960’s: right hemisphere = “non-dominant”, with no special functions  Research on “split-brain” patients (1960s)  corpus callosum is cut to reduce the severity of epileptic seizures  info received by one hemisphere is not any more readily shared with the other  functional specialization of the two hemisphere can be studied Human Genome Project:  anything that happens on left of each retina on both eyes is processed by left side of brain and vice versa  objects on left side of retina are on right side in real life and vice versa  objects in centre processed in both side of brain  if corpus callosum severed and an object is in right hand, person not able to name object as info cannot cross over to left side of brain  split brain patient could name unseen object in right hand because info goes to left side of brain to be processed  auditory info from left ear goes to right side and vice versa  if words are in left visual field, info goes to right side of retina, therefore right side of brain, therefore can’t say word b/c naming (language processing) is on left side and info cannot cross-over  language processing – reading, naming, ect – on left side  if things appear on left side of visual field, processed slower b/c has to go to right side of brain  Word
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