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Iuliana Baciu

ththPS101 LecturePersonality Theory Research and Assessment Wed Nov 9 and 11 2011 Behavioural PerspectivesSkinners viewsConditioning and response tendenciesSkinners views on personality were similar to his views on all other human behaviour it is learned through conditioningEnvironmental determinismHe had little interest in unobservable cognitive processes and embraced a strong determinism asserting that behaviour is fully determined by environmental stimuli and free will is but an illusionPersonality according to Skinner is based in response tendencies acquired through learning over the course of the lifespanBanduras viewsSocial learning theoryfocusing on how cognitive factors such as expectancies regulate learning o Cognitive processes and reciprocal determinismHis concept of reciprocal determinism is the idea that internal mental events external environmental events and overt behaviour all influence one another o Observational learninghow we copy behaviours of other people around us excopying older siblings happens oftenthis is how our personality develops develop fantasies depending on what situations have been reinforced in our livesHis theory of observational learning holds that behaviour is shaped by exposure to models or a person whose behaviour they observe o Selfefficiency and learned helplessnessBandura in recent years has emphasized selfefficacy in his research referring to ones belief about ones ability to perform behaviours that should lead to expected outcomesHe believes that selfefficacy or lack thereof influences which challenges people tackle and how well they performResearchers believe that selfefficacy is fostered by parents who are stimulating and responsive to their childrenSimulated ExperimentLearned helplessnessPsychInquiryescaped learning dogs try to avoid shockavoidance learningjumping and avoiding shock before the shock was present harnessed at given shocks dogthen took harness away but dogs wouldnt try to escape shocksthey lied down they just learned that no matter what they did they couldnt escape the deviationlearned helplessnessanimal rights ethicstry not to harm shock dogsome people say this is what happens in depression they experience severe helplessnessthey cant relate to thatto get out it decrease expectation of task so that that type of conditioning becomes stronger than helplessnessMischels viewsThe personsituation controversysituation is more important than person when determining personalityThe Interactional approach Walter Mischel is also an advocate of social learning theory with a focus on the extent to which situational factors govern behaviour instead of person variables
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