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Don Morgenson

PS 101 Class 2 PREP =extra credits. DO IT!!! wlu-psych.sona.systemsgo to psych home > prep research pool > sign up Chris Norris – TA ask him shit – rm 2005 science building Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 Last class -ethics, Human brain is complex, exploiting people for a greater good vs not exploiting anyone Today Death Penalty- Two ways to look at it, One thing says that it deters other criminals from commiting homicide, but sometimes we cant because most homicides are crimes of passion, which aren’t commited again anyways. The death penalty in discriminatory Deontologist says you cant hang them even if it means they wont kill again, NO GREATER GOOD Consequentalists think otherwise Children and violence againsttheir parents -the kids were A) piromaniacs B) BEdwetters C) cruelty towards animals. There is correlation between these three traits and kids who were pre disposed to violence -parents who use corparol pusnishment made their kids more violent -how do we explain people who do not intervene and help others in dire s=circumstance - its not that we don’t feel bad for them, its more complex How does psychological stress lead to tissue damage? -there is psychological distress leads to mental disorders AND TISSUE DAMAGE -its because being unstable psychologically can cause an unstable immune system What factors contribute to our success at school, which one of these factors are we born with and which ones do we achieve -IQ is inherited, personality traits can even be inheritable by 50% -is there a relation between watching violent tv and such and violent behaviour -tissue, intrapersonal, interpersonal – look this one up Hypocrites- Study the person who
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