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Lecture 3

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Lawrence Murphy

 Culture and the Brain  Cultural experience may affect organization of lobes  fMRI studies on bilingualism suggests that brain areas used for second language differ from those used for first language  Illiterate persons have less white matter in parietal cortex  Skills that are valued in culture produce difference brain activity patterns  E.g., mathematical processing different in Chinese than native English speakers  The Case of Phineas Gage  1848: explosion at railroad construction site forced steel tamping rod through Gage's head  Survived accident but some said he was "no longer Gage"  Problems w/ emotional processing and ration decision making  Two Hemispheres of the Brain  Hemispheres have different areas of specialization and control opposite sides of body  Communicate through corpus callosum  If severed through split-brain surgery, perception and memory disturbed, although most other processing intact  E.g., facial identification tasks by Sperry and colleagues  Hemispheric Allies or Opposites?  Studies of split-brain patients have demonstrated  Most right-handed and the majority of left-handed people
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