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Lecture 4

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Lawrence Murphy

Chapter 5 Body Rhythms and Mental States Clicker question answerSeasonal affective disorder SAD is NOTa form of desynchronization REMOccurs several times during nightRapid somewhat irregular brain wavesIn REM theres a loss of muscle tone Biological RhythmsPeriodic more or less regular fluctuation in biological systemRhythms can be synchronized w external entrainment or internal cues endogenousBiological rhythms influence effectiveness of medication alertness job performance Circadian RhythmOccur approx every 24 hours eg sleepwake cycleCommonly entrained to external time cuesEndogenous rhythm avgs around 243 hrsRemoved from cues about 10 of people have clocks running lower and 10 running fasterIncrease in accidents at transition to Daylight Savings TimeControlled by biological clock in suprachiasmatic nucleus SCNRegulates levels of melatonin secreted by pineal gland Out of SyncInternal desynchronizationState where biological rhythms arent in phase synchronized w one anotherChanges in your normal routines can cause desynchronization May also occur in response to jet lag rotating shift work daylight savings time Moods and LongTerm RhythmsSeasonal Affective Disorder SAD
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