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Don Morgenson

PS101- lecture 2 TA hours: Chris Harris- room 2005 Science building, Tuesday 4:30-5:30 Deontologist- would not agree with the death penalty, shouldn’t kill someone to set an example for others Consequentialists- agree with the death penalty First test- 1 of October? -relationship between corporal punishment & future violence -corporal punishment: punishment of the body -How do we explain people who do not intervene, who simply observe -not simply apathy, worry that they are not capable of helping -relationship between psyche and Selma. They are bound, and to separate the two is not wise. We are body and minds -how many things are nurtured or are brought with you when you are born? -IQ, height, etc. are genetically inherited -personality traits have inheritability of 50% -some traits more or less -relationship between violent tv and conduct disorders? Bio-psychological/social model Group of circles: Middle circle = bio/ tissue nd 2 = how you think about yourself- interpersonal 3 = how you relate to others- intrapersonal -you must look at the person who carries the disorder, not exclusively the disorder itself. -this model looks at all these things -woman who ate too much fish to lose weight, had too much mercury and the tissue level began affecting her outer layers, kept going to psychologists How did we get to where we are today? -very long past but a short history -many people have suffered from the same things for a very long amount of time -but short history of studying them Animism- the theory that every material object has a separate spirit -every plant, animal, start, etc. contains a second being Damon- good Demon- bad Van gogh thought everything he painted had a separate spirit Plato- anticipated many difficulties we face today -student of Socrates -thought life should be dedicated to the pursuit of ideas, neglected the body -you s
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