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Lecture 5

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PS101- Lecture 5 -Statistics help us collect, organize and interpret data -Raw scores- tell us nothing unless we know the range of scores -When we know the range we can calculate the normal distribution -statistics help us understand why we cluster around some average -characteristics are polygenically inherited -why IQs are normally distributed -most of us are ambiverts- a little bit of extrovert and introvert -many of our personality characteristics are genetically inherited -negatively skewed if it points to the left, positive if it points to the right -In a normal distribution curve you have the mean, median and mode -extreme scores affect the mean, so sometimes the median is better -in a normal distribution the mean, median and mode fall on the same line -variability- the extent of which people may differ in performance -how you’re dispersed along the curve -one way to look at variability is to calculate the range of scores -the greater the range, the
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