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Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Don Morgenson

PS101 Lecture 6 The Brain  Very good at info processing but there’s more to it  Info is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom  Neurochemical in processing  Consciousness: emotions, feeling, planning, creativity, imagination o Very complex  Everything psychological is also biological  Brain is not reducible to ions, or to its separate parts  Egyptians thought a tiny person lived in the brain  We used to think that the size of the brain would tell us a person’s intellect  Brain weight vs. spinal cord weight o Frog: spinal cord weighs more than its brain o Human brain is 50x heavier than the spinal cord  When looking at brain activity we must start at the neurons  Its similar to any other cell, except that it has branch-like appendages called dendrites  Dendrites receive nervous impulses from other neurons  Neurons will have several dendrites but only one axon, which sends information/impulses on  Three types of neurons o Sensory/afferent neuron: connect with skin, eyes, ears o Motor /efferent neurons: connect with muscles and glands o Interneurons: Neurons between sensory and motor neurons, greater number than both of them combined. Connect neurons in an orderly fashion  Glia cells are tissues that connect neurons  Neurotransmitters are responsible for speeding up or slowing down nervous impulses.  Roughly 40-50 different kinds of transmitters that are known  4 significant neurotransmitters: o Dopamine: evidence shows schizophrenics have high dopamine, prescribe pills that lower dopamine but only works on some people. o Serotonin: Helps understand depression. Synaptic level, give
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