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Lecture 8

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Don Morgenson

PS101- Lecture Eight Midterm: chapters 3, 5, 12 50 multiple choice questions again Brain Damage  When under pressure, blood vessels shrink  Brain has remarkable powers to heal itself  Plasticity of the brain often depends on your age  Evidence that you can grow more dendrites in the brain  One dendrite may be in communication with 200,000 other dendrites  How the brain repairs damage: o Collateral sprouting: cells grow new branches. One neuron is dead but the axon next to it “sprouts” o Substitution of Function: people who are blind don’t need their visual cortex so it rearranges itself to be more able to read braille o Neurogenesis: Brain is capable of building more neurons. Controversial.  Central nervous system is connected to the endocrine system  Endocrine send signals through hormones, not chemicals  Essential function of glands is to send messages and signals  When you feel stress, it triggers secretion of stress hormones  Recovery time is vastly understudied  Recovery time has implications for a person’s immune system  If people are sensitive to stress, their recovery time is prolonged Immune system  Every aspect of your health is the immune system  If you’re happy and content, your immune system is probably very powerful  We all breathe the same air with the same bacteria in it, but not everyone gets sick. Has to do with the strength of their immune system  Immune system has a memory, remembers how you fought disease in the past  When there is an infection in the
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