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Kathy Foxall

Introduction to Psychology PS101January rd32012132012 105900 PM Psychology is rooted in philosophy and scienceThe development of Psych y Many different approaches to psychology Innate in born ideas came from within socratesRene Descartes I think therefore I am y Experience lead to nerves from brain to form memory y Mind communicated in the punneal gland y Nerves from the brain bring in material from the outside world correct outside information and inner information The Development of Psychology y Started in Germany y Wilhelm Wundt wanted Physc to be a different discipline y Gave people list of words and made them think about how they remember them y 24 new labs in NA Functionalism y Darwin William James established functionalism y Reasons for why human beings are the way they are y Purpose of consciousness y Development of mentaltesting y Sex differences Structuralism y Involves introspection y Does not allow for independent objective evaluations of any claims private Descendents of functionalism y Watson 1913 studied overt behavior only y Showed condition phobia extreme fears in people y How he did it took a boyalbert orphan found out what he was afraid of large bell and found out what he was not afraid of rat monkey and fire o He paired what he was afraid of and not afraid of y Watson believed he can make a child become anything
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