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Don Morgenson

January 31 – Mid-term - Chapter 11 & 12 - 50 multiple choice questions Pain - Most important reason for seeking a health professional and taking medication Human Sexuality - 1-2% females are homosexual - 3-4% males are homosexual - Hypothesis on homosexuality (it is still unknown though): 1. Hereditary Approach -> identical twins 50%, fraternal twins 25% -> suggests that there may be a genetic component – just not fully genetic Environment – nature vs. nurture 2. Prenatal Hormones -> babies who are exposed to hormones more than others 3. Simon Levay -> researcher that argues that the hypothalamus is important – parts of the hypothalamus are smaller in homosexual males and about the same in homosexual females 4. Family -> (traditional Freudian view) caused from a dominant overly affectionate mother combined with an unemotional and unengaged father 5. Developmental theory -> in some of us a central interest develop early and in some cases in gay men, development (of sexual desire) occurred 2-3 years early than heterosexual men 6. Canadian researchers have a big brother effect -> argues that the chances of a male becoming homosexual increases with the more older brothers that you have -> It a male has 3 older brothers than his chances are 3 times higher -> This is because of the complex reaction with hormones, immune systems, etc. - Voted that homosexuality be taken out of the DSM – not pathological but vote is unnecessary - Mirror neuron system o Studies of empathy – could be hardwired o When you watch a partner be shocked the same part of your brain lights up that does your partner who is actually being shocked - Hypo sexuality 1. Lifestyle 2. Socio-Cultural Factors – if a culture restricts or prohibits peoples sexual desire/orientation 3. Quality - Sexual desire does decline with age – it doesn’t disappear - Female Orgasmic difficulties - Vagimismus – It is painful sex – the thought of it being painful - Erectile Dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation – how do you measure what is premature - Viagra – can not stimulate sexual arousal – it can prolong the effects o A pharmaceutical approach to fix peoples sexual relationships Gender Identity Disorder (GID) - When females view
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