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Stress Lecture

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Eileen Wood

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Types of stressors • Major life events • Traumatic Events • Chronic Stress • Daily hassles Major Life Events • Major changes-good and bad Traumatic events • Negative • Uncontrollable Chronic • No clear start or finish • pervasive Daily Hassles • Recurring everyday stressors Psychological Stress • Lazarus –cognitive--appraisals: primary appraisal : evaluation of the meaning and significance of a situation Appraisals of Stress • Universal/ Unique Coping with stress • Coping: Cognitive and behavioural efforts to manage the demands of the environment. Anticipatory Coping - precedes a stressful event Coping with stress • Problem-focused coping: reducing, modifying, or eliminating source of stress. Emotion-focused coping: reducing emotional impact of stressor. Moderating Stress /Modifying Cognitions - rethinking the problem - give yourself more control Ho
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