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Lecture 5

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Eileen Wood

Michael Matthews January 17, 2011 Psychology 5 Long Term Memory: • Vast and permanent • Knowledge of all our experiences, information and strategies • Developmentally, children and adults always have enough space. Executive: • Controls flow of information • Coordinates systems • Higher-order functions • (strategies, metamemory, etc.) metamemory is knowledge about your memory. For instance saying you have to write something down because you know it’s the type of information you will not remember. Does smoking weed have an effect on short or long term memory? • Depends on whether you do it when you are intoxicated and when you are not. • THC then binds to receptors, inhibits the release of neurotransmitters around that neuron. So yes in the short run it does have an effect on your short term memory. • Interferes with the hippocampus and therefore memory. Problem with this system: • Our memory is like a bottleneck. Lots of space but not much can get in at one time. • How can it work? Memory system comprised of mechanisms and processes which make it possible. (attention, organization and rich encoding of information, long term memory) Attention: just focus on what you need to attend to-
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