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Don Morgenson

Chapter 9 Intelligence – February 5, 2013 The average IQ of students pursuing a BA is 120 Average IQ is consistent across universities PhD’s have an average IQ of 130 Arthur Genson Rushton Monozygotes – Used to determine twins Wars suffered: - Gender wars (male vs. female) - Nature/Nurture - Recovered repressed memories Reify our IQ – create out of a concept using a number that we think has substance - IQ has no substance - Everyone is so obsessed with IQ – we make it seem like a substance - The environment is very influential of IQ - What does the single number really mean? - Is it helpful in any way to know someone’s IQ – or is it a discriminating (are there expectations that go along with this that discriminate against children’s ability) - Worse kind of discrimination: Henry Gotter 1913 to evaluate the immigrants coming through Ellis island o 83% Jewish o 80% Hungarian o 79% Italian o Russia immigrants o Found not as smart and the US government changed immigration laws restricting these cultures and nationalities from immigrating to the US - Morgenson feels that: IQ’s are used as a tool of discrimination Flin Effect - The intelligence test results are getting better and have been for generations o In industrialized nations - Malnutrition decreases intelligence - Eating healthy helps IQ - Visual special skills are increased from video games - Increases have leveled off – IQ can only increase so much – reached its platform - SAT or GRE -> or other standardized certification tests - Job hunting – some jobs may ask you to take other tests – personality or psychological tests, etc. Gender bias in the SAT - Ma
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