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Lecture 4

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Don Morgenson

Psychology Lecture 4 1/17/2013 6:31:00 AM Morgenson20905 – MyPsych Lab. Chapter 11, and 12. Power vs. Affiliation Needs: -> There’s a difference between power and affiliation drive. -> It is impossible to have a relationship between them. -> Higher power needs were make rewards, and are manipulative, enjoy telling people what to do. They enjoy competitive jobs. -> if the person leading the group has power needs, the group will not be as effective. -> power needs = exploiting the opposite sex, drug use, and alcohol use. -> power can fulfill sex drive -> Men with power needs, their wife will have their carreers go down the hill. -> Men power needs = sports, strength , Women power needs = social, ethical implications Pain Phantom Pain- Pain in a limb that isn’t there  People experience so much pain that they kill themselves because of it. Serotonin and endorphins are the those who help us understand depression, those are the same hormones that keep a healthy brain. Body’s pain system is plastic – Can be molded by pain experiences Brain is able to recreate painful experiences. Fa
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