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Mindi Foster

Chapter 13 – Stress, coping and health Types of stress  Major (extreme events) and everyday (daily hassels) o Frustration/Loss  Not getting something that you want  ex. Not getting the grade you wanted on a test, a death, a brief loss o Conflict  Approach-approach  A choice between two things that you want  Avoidance-avoidance  A choice between two things that you do not want  Approach – avoidance  A choice whether to pursue one thing that has both pros and cons o Change  Change means a readjustment and change is generally positive o Pressure  Expectations from others Is stress objective?  No is subjective, everyone perceives stress differently  Event o Subjective cognitive appraisal  how you define the event that affects your stress; negative appraisals ex. hopeless, will it exceed my ability to cope; positive appraisals: will I learn something  Emotional Response  Negative emotions: sadness, fear, depression  Positive emotions: can occur with the negative emotions (co- occuring)  Growth and learning experiences (negative emotions can bring out positive emotions)  Physiological response  Alarm (fight/flight)  SNS (sympathetic nervous system) adrenal medulla fight/flight  Pituitary gland  adrenal cortex  hormones (cortisol)  Resistance  when your body is resisting the stress and stabilizing but long term cortisol release decreases our health which will lead to:  Exhaustion  if stressor isn’t gone by the time we run out of cortisol we’ve exhausted our resources which can lead to sickness  Behavioural response  Avoidance Strategies  choose to avoid the problem  Learned helplessness o after continued uncontrollable stress you give up  Self Blame o “Its my fault” o When self blame leads to catastrophic thinking, then ineffective coping  Aggression o being aggressive does not lead to catharsis nor
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