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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Eileen Wood

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Lecture Six Problem Solving Problem Solving • Everyday experience (getting locked out) • Problem solve about everything we are going to do • Goal directed – problem requires a goal Three Parts Initial State Set of Operations Goal State Set of Operations Stage One • Interpret (frame) and understand the problem Stage Two • Generate hypotheses or possible solutions Stage Three • Test the solutions, hypothesis, seeking to disconfirm one or more of them Stage Four • Evaluate results and if necessary, revise steps 1, 2 & 3 So How Do You Solve The Problem? • What are the operations? • How do you select these? • Depends on your preferences and experience/ knowledge and the situation Skills in Problem Solving Develop Over Time and Experience Schemas • Step-by-step scripts for selecting information • Experts: great many schemas for problem solving • How would a locksmiths approach the problem? - A carpenter? A police officer? • Experience develops schemas and they help to solve specialized classes of problems Experts and Novices are different problem solvers • Novices - Novices rely on general problem solving methods - Use working memory versus long-term • Experts - Large # of schemas to guide problem solving in their field • Development of Expertise - Feature detectors (expert neurons) in brain become quicker & stronger So How Do You Solve the Problem • A
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