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Wilfrid Laurier University
Mindi Foster

1Ch 16Social BehaviourInterpersonal First ImpressionsWhat affects themphysical appearanceHalo effect we think the physically attractive people are better peopleoBabies prefer faces that adults say are attractive Availability heuristic what is most available is the most common oput the physically attractive in media self fulfilling prophecy ostatistics more money and better jobsstereotypes beliefs are expectations about a group stereotype of accountant boring treat them in accordance with expectations talk to them as if we are bored people know if their own stereotypesthus the respondif this is followed the self fulfilling prophecy Are first impressions accurate NOillusory correlations when 2 things are perceived as occurring together but dontpeople over estimate the amount of times things cooccur oboring and accountant explains superstitions Evolution vs motivational view of stereotypesspeed vs powerstereotypes as necessary cognitive short cuts olittle research RATHER we are motivated to maintain stereotypes because it enhances or maintain the more that we have oThose powerful position stereotype of discriminate more than the less powerful Experimental group was given power to read resumes and control was not Experimental group used stereotypes more often than those in the control group Attributions the ways that we explain our own behaviour and behaviours of othersTypesInternalexternalinternal we explain behaviour as internal personalityexternal explain behaviour1
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