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Mindi Foster

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1Ch 11Development across the LifespanPreNatalStagesstGerminal 1 2 weeksrapid cell division implants onto the uterus the outer part of the zygote becomes the placenta and the inner portion is the baby obringing oxygen to and from the baby Embryonic 2 weeks 2 months 25 cmshell of human form and the organs begin to developFetal 2 months to birthmuscles and bones developEnvironmentDevelopmentNutritionmalnutrition pyschatric disordersolow birth weightoheart disease odiabetes Drugsborn with addictionscocaine potphysical difficultiesalcohol fetal alcohol syndromeosmaller head oheart defects odelayed motor skillsoretardation dads cocaine and alcohol attach to sperm Illnessrubella flu STDs small head blindness deafness brain damage AIDSChildhoodMotor development1
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