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Lecture 11

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 11Chapter 8 Associative Theories of LongTerm MemoryLecture OutlineThe Network NotionEvidence Favoring the Network ApproachRetrieving Information From a NetworkUnpacking the NodesRefining Network ModelsConnectionismiclicker reviewTrue or false encoding information in such a way that it is relevant to YOU will help you rememberATrueBFalseiclicker ReviewEmotional memories are better remembered because choose the BEST answerAThe amygdala is activated helping consolidationBYou focus your attention during emotional eventsCYou rehearse emotional events moreDAll of the aboveThe Network NotionLongterm memory is enormous in size and yet we typically extract information from it extremely quickly and effortlesslyFor instance ambiguous sentences like this one are understood by the automatic application of background knowledge The Network NotionMuch of this chapter explores a single idea that memory connections are much more than retrieval pathsInstead the connections are our memoriesIn other words knowledge is represented via a vast network of connections and associations between all of the information you knowThe Network NotionHow might the network workRepresentations of individual ideas are the nodes knots within the networkThe connections between the individual ideas are associations or associative linksThink of the nodes as cities on a map and the associations as the routes between the citiesThe Network NotionSpreading activation is the process through which activation travels from one node to another via the associative linksAs each node becomes activated it serves as a source of further activation spreading onward through the network
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