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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 21Chapter 15 Conscious Thought Unconscious ThoughtLecture OutlineThe Cognitive UnconsciousDisadvantages of Unconscious ProcessingThe Function of ConsciousnessConsciousness What Is Left UnsaidThe Cognitive UnconsciousConsciousness is a state of awareness of sensations or ideas such that we canReflect on these sensations and ideasKnow what it feels like to experience these sensations and ideasReport to others that we are aware of these sensations and ideasThe Cognitive UnconsciousAs we have seen throughout the class much of our cognition takes place behind the scenes or unconsciouslyThe cognitive unconscious is the broad set of mental activities of which we are completely unaware that make cognition possibleThe Cognitive UnconsciousIn many cases we are aware of the products of cognition but unaware of the processes that lead to these productsRetrieving information such as a name from longterm memorySeeing and reading a written word making inferences about missing featuresRecalling an episodic memory and perhaps committing a memory errorThe Cognitive UnconsciousErrors of causal attribution the interpretations of what caused our thoughts or behavior also demonstrate how much of our cognitive processing occurs unconsciouslyThis name seems familiar so it must be someone famousThe face seems familiar so it must be the person who robbed meThe Cognitive UnconsciousIn a study involving electric shock some participants were given a placebo and told that it would reduce pain but cause side effects shaking hands butterflies in the stomach and irregular breathingThis group withstood larger shocks than the nonplacebo group suggesting an effect of unconscious causal reasoning about somatic symptomsThe Cognitive UnconsciousMany of our introspections about why we thought or behaved as we did are afterthefact reconstructions that are often incorrectFor instance participants who read a passage from Rabbit Run attributed their emotions to a particular sentence However others who read the passage with this sentence omitted had the same emotional responseThe Cognitive UnconsciousAlthough young smokers rarely offer Joe Camel as a reason they started smoking they may not be aware of all of the unconscious processes that lead to the decision to smoke
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