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Lecture 4

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 4Chapter 3 Recognizing ObjectsLecture OutlineForm PerceptionObject RecognitionWord RecognitionFeature NetsForm PerceptionHow do we perceive and recognize objectsForm perception is the process through which the basic shape and size of an object are seenObject recognition is the process through which the object is identifiedForm PerceptionObject recognition begins with the detection of simple visual featuresHowever our perception of the visual world goes beyond the information given Bruner 1973An early twentiethcentury movement known as Gestalt psychology captured this idea as the whole is different from the sum of its partsForm PerceptionThe Necker Cube is an example of perception going beyond the information givenTwo different perceptions of depth are possible given the lines on the pageForm PerceptionIn the FaceVase figure two interpretations are possible each based on a different figureground organizationThis again shows that perception goes beyond the information givenForm PerceptionThese examples might suggest that perception proceeds in two stagesOne where visual features are processedAnd a later stage in which perception goes beyond the information givenHowever this view presumes serial processing not the parallel processing that characterizes the visual systemForm PerceptionOur interpretation of the visual input influences how basic visual features are processedIn this image it is only when the white parts of the figure are treated as figure and not ground that the features of letters are analyzedForm PerceptionIn this image the word perception is recognized even though most of the features of the component letters are absent from the stimulusForm Perception
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