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Bruce Mc Kay

PS268 – Chapter 1: Drug Use – An Overview Four Principles of Psychoactive Drugs  Those compounds that alter consciousness and affect mood (thoughts, emotion) 1. Drugs per se are not good or bad; it is the manner in which is it used/abused. 2. Every drug has multiple effects – all act on multiple parts of the brain. 3. Both the size & quality of a drugs effect depend on the amount the individual has taken; increasing dose = increased effects. 4. The effect of any psychoactive drugs depends on the individual’s history and expectations.  Drug: Any substance, natural or artificial, that by chemical nature alters structure of function in the living organism (except for food)  Illicit Drug: A drug that is unlawful to process or use. (Illegal)  Deviant Drug Use: Not common within a social group & is disapproved by the majority, causing group members to take corrective action when it occurs.  Drug Misuse: Use of prescribed drugs in greater amounts than or for purposed other than those prescribed by a physician or doctor.  Abuse: Use of a substance in a manner or situation that causes problems.  Addiction: controversial and complex form that has different meanings for different people because it is so widely used.  Drug Dependence: State in which the individual uses the drug so frequently and consistently that it appears it would be difficult to get along without it. Drugs and Drug Use Today  Past 100 years: vaccines, antibiotics, government efforts to limit drug use.  Extent  hard to determine the extent due to bias and participation as well as the assumption that most self-reports are done untruthfully.  Trends  Illicit drug use has declined over the last 11 years, MJ use is half as much as it was in 1978 due to: the “risk” factors associated with it. Cocaine is in second place, alcohol in first. (all peaked in 1980, decreased in 1990s) Correlated of Drug Use  Questionnaires – researchers send their computers “prospecting” through the data to see if personal characteristics can be correlated with dru
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