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Bruce Mc Kay

READING NOTESChapter 11CAFFEINECaffeine The Worlds Most Common Psychostimulant Caffeine belongs to the xanthine biochemical family Includes theophylline found in tea and theobromine found in chocolateCoffeeKaldi had taken the first human coffee trip after discovering that his goats had been consuming it making them dance leap and roll about on the ground Coffee houses began appearing in England They developed into penny universities where for a penny a cup people could listen to and learn from most of the great literary and political figures of the periodVirtually all coffee is make from two speciesCoffea arabica and Coffea robustaArabica beans have a milder flavour take longer to develop after planting and require a neartropical climate to grow properly Robusta beans have a stronger and bitterer flavour and a higher caffeine content and they are used primarily in lessexpensive blends and to make instant coffee There are several ways of removing caffeine from the coffee bean Unroasted beans are soaked in an organic solvent raises concerns about residues of the solvent remaining in the coffeeThe most widely used solvent is methylene chlorideThe Swiss water process removes more of the coffees flavour The caffeine that is taken out is used mostly in soft drinksTo be a coffee drinker was to be a ToryTeaCoffee was the first to arrive so tea was usually sold in coffee housesTo be a tea drinker was to be loyal to the CrownTea starts its life high in the mountains on a threemetre bushIn one day a plucker will pluck enough tea to sell in a grocery storyPlucking is done every 6 to 10 days in warm weather as new growth develops on many branchesThe leaves are dried rolled to crunch the cells in the leaf and place in a cool damp place for fermentation oxidization to occurOxidization turns the green leaves to a bright copper black teaNonoxidized leaves are packaged and sold as green teaTea contains a chemical theophylline divine lead only present in very small nonphamacological amounts in the beverageA xanthine found in teaIt is effective at relaxing the bronchial passages and is prescribed for use by asthmatics
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