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Lecture 2

PS296 Week 2A (Displaying Data)

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Max Gwynn

PS296 Week 2A- Chapter 3 (Displaying Data) Displays of Data • Frequency distribution: – A distribution in which the values of the dependent variable are tabled or plotted against their Frequency of occurrence – How many times each score or value occurred in a set of data (a distribution of scores) Frequency Tables • Frequency table for a categorical variable: – usually nominal or ordinal data • How many males, how many females in a class Graphical representations of data • We can describe a set of numbers in pictorial form • Graphical presentation to demonstrate data • Describe what scores occurred, frequency of each score Bar graph • Bar graph: – A graph in which the frequency ( f ) of occurrence of different values of X is represented by the height of a bar • Vertical bar over each value on the X axis • Adjacent bars do not touch • Height of the bar indicates the corresponding value’s frequency Histogram • Histogram: – Graph in which a rectangle is used to represent frequencies of observations within each interval • Use
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