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Preventing and Treating Substance Abuse

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Bruce Mc Kay

Dec 02 2010 PREVENTING SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATING SUBSTANCE ABUSEPS 268Dec 02 2010Final Class Final Exam 130 mc questions 90 from last 13 of course40 from first 23 of courseBonus question what would you addsubtract from course and why plus a few more bonus questions4 marksan easy way for an extra markDRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Outlineprimary prevention and secondary preventionprevention on universitycollege campusestertiary prevention and treatmentDrug abuse prevention and treatmentPrimary prevention o Prevent use in those who have not already been exposed to drugs elementarymiddle school o Strategies to use on those individuals to encourage staying away from drugs Secondary prevention o Limit the extent of drug use in those already using drugs high schoolcollegeuniversity o What strategies are to be used to minimize their use make the use safer Tertiary prevention and treatment o Strategies for preventing relapse to drug use rehabilitation prison etc and treatment o How do you help people with the problem o How do you treat them The evidencebased underpinnings to primary preventionRelationship between onset age and likelihood All drugs pooledif pool all drug abuse together if they can hold of the drug use before the age of 17 they have no higher risk of developing a drug abuse behaviour keeping them away from drugs at the earliest level is key
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