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Bruce Mc Kay

November 2 Opium and its derivatives PS 268 November 2 2010In class notes and online slides included Opium and its derivatives Cultivation and history of opiumnarcoticsin US used for any drug that is illegal however a narcotic is a any drug that is sleep inducing which is not all illegal drugsopiumpapaver somniferumthe poppy that brings sleep Papaver somniferum is an annual flowering plant that grows 34 feet highNaturally occurring substances derived from the opium poppy have a 6000year history of medical useOpioids relieve pain and suffering and have other medicinal usesOpioids deliver pleasure and relief from anxiety so they also have a long history ofrecreational useAfghanistanmajor poppy growingo A huge part of the agricultural culture Have been used for a very long time as pain relief Used by soldiers to relief pain and induce sleep when wounded Have other medical uses Not only sleep inducing also reduces anxiety Morphine is a derivative among others dulls the pain of lifelow concentration of endorphins in brains of depressed people the opium derived substances takes that pain away cultivationplant the crop and when it is at its mature point the farmers collect the resinous substances from the cuts in the plants Opium is produced and available for collection for only a few days of the poppy plants lifeOpium harvesters use a sharp clawed tool to make shallow cuts into the unripe seedpodsThe resinous substance that oozes from the cuts is scraped and collectedRaw opium is the substance from which morphine is extractedand then heroin is derivedpeople ate the opium from it for years veteransthe poppy fieldsassociated with the pain relief in the battle field people ATE it so it got to the brain slower and until a after it was not a problem Columbus saw people smoke Tobacco in North America and took the idea back homeSo introduced smoking other stuff
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