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Bruce Mc Kay

Nov 11 2010Class Notes Lecture slides included HALLUCINOGENSby an large all come from plants not much known about them ErgotismSt Anthonys fire Ergot fungus poisoningseizures hallucinations mania psychosisSalem Witch trials 1692Ergot poisoning or witchcraftErgot poisoning gave you visions hallucinations if you were a female at that time and developed these visions you were then considered a witch and burnt if you were a male then the woman you knew was burnt because she did it to the male the fungus in wheat causes hallucinations could be the poisoning from the mould HallucinogensA drug that produces profound alterations in perception including unusual visual sensations and often changes in the perception of ones own bodyEntheogens Substances that create spiritual or religious experiencesPsychedelic Mind Mindviewing a term that controversially implies a beneficial visionary type of effectPsychotomimetic Mimicking psychosis by producing hallucinations and some altered sense of reality these drugs produce a state that could be described as psychoticThe story of LSDLSD is what popularised the hallucinogens in North America 1938Albert Hofmann synthesizes LSD25he was looking into ways of treating the postpartum bleedingLysergic acid diethylamide from the ergot fungus1943Albert Hofmann inadvertently takes LSD he then drove home on his bikehe discovered LSD first trip
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