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Over the counter drugs/Dietary supplements

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Bruce Mc Kay

Nov 18 2010 OVER THECOUNTER DRUGS AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS OVERTHECOUNTER DRUGS AND HERBAL REMEDIESLecture Outline What is the difference between a drug and a dietary supplement Regulation of prescription and overthecounter drugs Getting a new drug to the marketplace animal and human clinical testing Major OTC drugsGeneration Rxus our generation is called that becauseFeel that there isshould bea drug or supplement to fix anything Whats the difference between a drug and a dietary supplementwhat are the key differences between the twoDrugs vs Dietary SupplementsDrugs and food share certain characteristicsThey contain chemicals that interact with the bodys physiologyDrugs and food are not regulated in the same waysDifferent regulations for dietary supplements as they are considered as food Supplements may be thought of as drugs by consumers but are legally classified as food productsDrugs vs Dietary Supplements A drug is a product intended for use in the diagnosis cure mitigation treatment or prevention of disease cure mitigation treatmentBefore marketing drugs must be shown to be Safe when used as directed Effective for their intended use use it only for what you are supposed toFood products and ingredients supplements etc must beSafe not poisonous Pure unadulteratedThey are not required to show that they are effective or provide any benefitthe claims written on the supplement bottles are not necessarily true simply because there are no regulations that the supplements have to be effective whereas drugs have to be proven effective
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