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Medications for Mental Disorders

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Bruce Mc Kay

Nov 30 2010 MEDICATIONS FOR MENTAL DISORDERS PS 268 November 30 2010Class notes with online slides DATERAPE DRUGSFlunitrazepam rohypnola daterate drug In large amounts alone or in small amounts when combined with alcohol there is a pronounceddisinhibition of behaviour complete memory loss possible unconsciousnesslegal in many places in the world prescribed for insomnia not legal in North America the bad name exists because of the effects of it with alcoholthe condition is so severe that you cannot render it it turns a slight blue in alcohol very unnoticeable in a mixed drink or dark ale therefore not a reliable way to identify it in a drink there is no memory consolidation because of the severity of the sedation Some rohypnol formulations change colour when combined with alcohol can you see this in a barWhy MEMORY LOSS is a terrible and misleading term in the context of date rapeMemory consolidationwhy there is no memory and therefore it can never be recovered following daterape drugsFrom the time something is experienced eg meeting a new person learning something bad about that person it takes about 30 minutes to be stored in a nontemporary way in your brainAny disruption to the brain during this timesuch as administration of a date rape drugwill cancel the memory storage process and thus there will be ZERO memory for the eventNormal cognitive function Complete retrograde amnesia for about 30 minMeet somebody new learn their name etcComplete anterograde amnesia for as long as Administration of date rape drug the drug andor unconsciousness lastsConfusion and unconsciousnessNormal cognitive functionNormal cognitive functioning happens when you wake up
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