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Nicotine and tobacco.

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Bruce Mc Kay

October 5 Class 7 Nicotine and Tobacco Tobacco History1964First surgeon generals report on smoking2006SmokeFree Ontario Act Prohibits smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces in Ontario effective May 31 2006 Ensures the minimum age to purchase cigarettes is 19 retailer must verify age if patron appears under 25 Phases out the retail display of tobacco products with a complete ban of all tobacco product displays effective May 1 2008Latest trendswater pipes and ecigarettes Hookahslarge ornate water pipesimported from Arab countriesproduce milder waterfilteredtobacco smoke Ecigarettesvaporize nicotine without the tar or carbon monoxide but you get diethylene glycol instead antifreezeAnti freeze like compound in them Too new to know the dangers of this product But they are becoming more popular Distinction between safer or free of dangereg smoking via water pipe graph in slidesincrease in taxes on cigarettes did not decrease the consumption of cigarettes peak age for starting smoking14 15 o this is when it is most addictiveWith many drugs when you start using before age 20 there is a higher chance or a lifelong addictionWhy do people start smokingdespite the negative effectspeer pressure
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