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Inhalants and Inhaling

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Bruce Mc Kay

October 14 Inhalants and Inhaling Outline What are inhalants and where are they found Who uses inhalants So whats the big deal The acute and chronic effects of inhalants Whats in household solvents that makes them so dangerous Other inhalantsnitrites and nitrates How can solvents have so many effects on brain and behaviour Can inhalants be used to covertly modify the behaviours of othersInhalants are often found at hardware stores Early inhaling Ether someone discovered EtherDiscovered early 1700shad Ether partiesits better than no anesthetic at all lots of fun but flammable and toxicits actually for starting diesel engines in the very coldsince its very flammable so having it at parties is bad since people are smoking and others have Ethernot a good anesthetic Nitrous oxide N2Olaughing gasDiscovered late 1700salmost immediately applied to dental proceduresto calm down not knock you outdentist saw someone get teeth knocked out at party and they laughed since they were on N20Potential for hypoxia or anoxia Still used for light anesthesia and dental procedures Used as a propellant in whip cream cansThe first sniffer was the oracle at Delphiif you go back to the site where she made the predictions at the temple of Apollofumes come through the groundshe sniffed fumes from the ground and got joy out of itInhalants are often found in common household itemsthese are the once that are inhaledVolatile solvents y Paint paint thinner and remover nail polish remover correction fluid glues cementsbad for memory formationAerosols propellants gases y Spray paint hairspray lighterswhipped cream most likely to see Anesthetics y Current and former medical anesthetics like ether and nitrous oxide Nitritesnitrates y Angina medications poppers
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