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Marijuana Part 1

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Bruce Mc Kay

Week 6 Oct 19 MarijuanaPart I Ch15Marijuana Lecture Two PartsSecond most popular drug at Laurier is Marijuana Cannabis Two main species Cannabis indicafrom Indian has THCTHC content is key riches content of THC is BChigher content then hash from the 70s Grown for its psychoactive resinsdelta9tetrahydrocannabinol THC is what is in Marijuana A compact plant 2 to 3 feet highPotency amount of THC varies depending on plant genetics and environmental conditionBC perfect climate for large plants out in the wildCannabis sativao Originated in Asia but now grown worldwide o Grown primarily for its fibres from which hemp rope is madelarger cash crops in North America t one point in time o Grows like a weed in the US and Canadaeasy to grow anywhere o A lanky plant up to 18 feet highwant to hybordize corn plants and such since it grows well and large o Has been hybridized with C indica to yield Cannabis sativa indica which has THCWhere is the THC in the Cannabis PlantTHC is concentrated in the resin most of which is in the flowering tops Less in the leaves Little in the fibrous stalks there are 66 compounds unique to cannabis many of which may be psychoactiveCannabis PreparationsTraditional preparations in India correspond roughly to types available in Canadause in ceremonies is not the strong stuff that grows in BC Charas also known as hashishhashGanja also known as sinsemilla From Spanish sin semilla without seedsBhang mostly leaves and stalksSinsemillawithout flowersneed to keep female plants from polinating Consists of dried flowering tops of plants with pistillate flowers female plantsMale plants are removed from the fields before the female plants are pollinated Female plants dont put their energy into seed production thus increasing their potencyAverage THC content of sinsemilla samples is about 7 to 12 percent
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