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Marijauna Part 2

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Bruce Mc Kay

October 21 MarijuanaPart II Ch15 Lecture outline Smoke that marijuana Acute and chronic behavioural physiological and neurobiological effects Medicinal uses of marijuana Is marijuana a gateway drug Should marijuana be legalized in CanadaAcute psychological behavioral effects of marijuana the anti marijuana propaganda of the 50s stated that marijuana lead to violent crimes and irresponsible behaviour however there was no correlation propaganda to convince the publicthrough movies showed people what happens when characters got highhowever some people may believe this expect for those who have tried the drug or are presently using it therefore realized the government was lying and caused mistrust of the government Effects are complex stimulant depressant mild hallucinogen graph in slideimpairments in attention and memory oral intake of THC equal to 1 or 2 joints after the intake the recall was not so good impairs memory consolidation the memory effects do not kick in until after 1 joint as with alcoholnot drunk after 1 beer need more Marijuana effects on drivingDriving ability Research findings mixedLaboratory studies of computercontrolled driving simulationsMarijuana produces significant impairmentEpidemiological studiesLittle evidence that drivers who use marijuana alone are more likely to be involved in an accidentEffects may be more severe in infrequent usersIts an attention problem not a reaction time problemParanoia more associated with fairly new users and those who used more than they should have
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