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Bruce Mc Kay

October 26Cocaine October 26 2010PS268 Cocaine Outline Where does cocaine come from and how is it made What are the acute behavioural and physiological effects of cocaine What are the chronic effects of cocaine Treating cocaine dependency Where does it come from the coca plant is grown in Columbia Peru and Boliviait does not grow in North Americacannot grow in this climate a very profitable and huge crop down there strategy for cultivation of coca leaves on mountains likesteps they are bagged and sold at the marketit is more profitable of course for those who actually extract the cocaine rather than the farmers that grow it cocaine is first isolated and purified Alfred NiemannGerman PhD student The first guy to isolate cocaine Cocaine then got commercialized Cocaine was not first snorted but rather added to wine tea etc Added pure cocaine Freud then popularized cocaine by spreading it around all Western Europe He injected himself with cocaine and got the positive effects of ito He didnt need as much sleepo Felt positiveo Increase in self control o Etc However he said that the euphoria was not followed by any depression and this is wrongFirst time users may not get that however it is a chronic side effectSexual effects inspired the desire but not the performanceHe spread the cocaine to his friends and family Gave it to his friend who had a morphine addiction fixed the morphine addiction but gave him a cocaine addiction A few years later he learned of the negative effects CocaColao Cocaine additive is now against the law in Canada as of 1908 o Coca cola used to add the coca leaves to the drinkCocaine made a comeback in 1970s because of the similarity to antiamphetamine
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